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Fundraising Tips

Reaching your fundraising goal can be as easy as a telephone call or an email. The key is to never be afraid to ask! Start by reaching out to your close friends and family. Next, consider asking your coworkers, your boss, and even local businesses that you go to often. Remind them that any and every donation counts.

Here are a few more fundraising tips to help you reach your goal.


Participate in an email campaign. Along with family, friends and coworkers, ask local schools and businesses to help you raise money via email. Be sure to include basic info on Alpha-1, the details of the Virtual Walk and how their donations will go towards Alpha-1 research and related programs.

Follow up. Send follow-up emails or make phone calls to those who promised to make a contribution or those who haven’t responded. A gentle reminder might be just what they need to make a donation. Never feel like a nuisance; remember, this is for a good cause!


Update & share your personal page. Updating your personal fundraising page periodically and sharing it on social media is pivotal. Statistics show that seeing your progress encourages people to donate.


Say “Thank You.” Always remember to thank every person who supports you. Send a thank you note; make a phone call or email. Let them know how they helped you reach your goal.



Raise 250 in 5 Days

5 Ways to Make Fundraising Fun!


1.        Set up your fundraising webpage.

 Creating your personal fundraising page is the easiest and fastest way to receive contributions. Tell your Alpha-1 story to help show others why they should donate. 

2.        Tap into your social networks.

 If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, let your friends and followers know you’ve joined the Virtual Walk and ask them to support you with a donation. Post periodic updates on your fundraising success to motivate them to get involved.


3.        Walk in someone’s honor.

 Know an Alpha? Ask for donations to honor a friend or family member who has been diagnosed or affected by Alpha-1.

4.        Celebrate.

 If a birthday, anniversary or holiday is coming up, ask family and friends to make a donation to support your participation in the Walk instead of a gift.

5.        Conduct an in-person donation campaign.

 The best way to secure a donation in support of your Walk is to go out of your way to meet with and talk to your closest friends and family. Explain why you’re walking, what it means to you, and how much their donation will help.