Alpha-1 Virtual Walk

  Walk anytime, anyplace during the month of November; set your own goal for Alpha-1 Awareness Month! 

Join a team, form a team, or walk individually. Whether it’s around your dining room table, neighborhood or local park- get up from your chair and get moving for Alpha-1! YOU have the power to make a difference in helping find a cure for Alpha-1.

Download the "Good Move" app on your mobile device to keep track of your activity and fundraising progress. It is a free and fun way to keep yourself motivated!  

All registrations included an Alpha-1 Virtual Walk T-Shirt that will be mailed to your home #A1FVW24. 

Tools to Help You Succeed:

  • Participant Center- Tell your Alpha-1 Story by personalizing your fundraising page and making a self-donation. This will encourage family and friends to support you! Alpha-1 Awareness Month is all about empowering YOU to make a difference.
  • Fundraise- Use the online tool kits to craft email messages to family and friends as to why this cause is important to you.
  • Download the Good Move App- Once you have registered, keep a look out for an email from Good Move with easy steps to download the app on your mobile device. Good Move will help track your steps and fundraising progress! 
  • Stay Social- Connect your fundraising page to social media and tag the Alpha-1 Foundation by using the #A1FVW24
  • Virtual Walk Challenge Calendar- Coming Soon

For questions, please contact:

Irene Calderon at

Phone (877) 228-7321, Ext. 319